Research, Knowledge & Training Partner to 60% of Telcos.

Countries Served: 142 Research Streams: 34 Mobile Operators Serviced: 500

About Us

The mandate of the Wireless Federation is to provide its members and customers industry knowledge that can further enhance their understanding of the wireless industry. Over 500+ Mobile Operators across the globe rely on us for “Tactical Actionable Insights” and comprehensive market research.

Some of our prominent customers include Vodafone in 14 markets, MTN IN 16, Airtel, T-Mobile, Orange, HKCSL, Telefonica, Digicel, AT&T amongst others.

To put things in perspective, over 60% of all mobile operators globally acquire research from us regularly! Wireless Federation conducts research for its clients and produces Industry reports that answer key questions relating to best practices for Pricing, CVM, Loyalty, IOT, Connected Devices, Digital, Segments, Customer Journey etc.


We provide market intelligence, global best practices and actionable insights across 34 research streams including research papers on Pricing, Customer Value Management, Loyalty, Customer Service & Experience, Digitization, New Revenue Streams, Monetization, BI, Analytics etc


Our portfolio includes 34 functional training programs and we also specialize in leadership courses for CXO's.


Anything which is not an adhoc study becomes a project for us. We've catered to 200+ telcos and carried out customized projects in the areas of LTE, IOT, CVM, Convergence etc. Email us to discuss your requirements


We provide the services and support required to Telcos to make better business decisions and we specialize in Go to market.