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We provide market intelligence, global best practices and actionable insights across 34 research streams including research papers on Pricing, Customer Value Management, Loyalty, Customer Service & Experience, Digitization, New Revenue Streams, Monetization, BI, Analytics etc


Anything which is not an adhoc study becomes a project for us. We've catered to 200+ telcos and carried out customized projects in the areas of LTE, IOT, CVM, Convergence etc. Email us to discuss your requirements


We provide the services and support required to Telcos to make better business decisions and we specialize in Go to market


Our portfolio includes 34 functional training programs and we also specialize in leadership courses for CXO's

Knowledge Centre

Access to 1000's of Case Studies from across the world, Analyst sessions, workshops and much more. A one time yearly membership fee will take care of all your research needs for all functions including marketing, products, customer service, finance, technology, network etc.



We can help you to understand local trends – We have analysts in 65+ countries globally, and engage with the industry in consulting, workshops and trainings we carry out across 142 countries globally.


Our research analysts are available to support you with your challenges and help you with solutions that can work for you locally.